My new home and studio

So it was time to move from the old house. We stayed there for more than a year and I had the best time ever. It was the first time I ever stayed in a house, with garden, swimming pool and great open space. But moving is not a bad thing: we found another house and it’s also beautiful! This one is like a little cottage in the forest, with awesome views of the mountains and the sea in the horizon. We are sharing this spot with our friends Amanda and Darren who got married a few weeks ago.
I love the house: it has so much character… It’s rustic, with lots of wood, green plants crawling everywhere and a cozy living room where I’m sure we’ll share lots of great time. Here are some pictures…

    My most favorite part is where I have set my studio and workshop. Yes, I have my own room to do lots of fun stuff.
    • Arri, my patient boyfriend, helped me building some nice cube shelves for my books. We used shuttle-board wood that not only is super cheap (about R280 for a big plank) but also looks amazing and gives the room a nice and fresh look.
    • Using a door from the old house and some drizzles donated from my friends Matt and Claire, I set my desk.
    • I also put up a little cork-board to pin pics, cards and cute stuff and set a “washing line style” photo holder.

    So yes, I’m all set up… Now it’s time to get hands on and start some cool projects!!!