Cushions, cushions, lots of cushions!!!

The new house is in need of some cushions…  Funny enough, I’ve been wanting to do cushions for soooo long and the 5kg gigantic bag has been sitting in my cupboard for about 2 years waiting for me to finally sit down and start sowing some cool cushions.
It seems like everything is set for me to finally make them. On one hand, my friend Amanda, with whom I just moved in, has a rad sowing machine and overlocker that she said I can borrow any time. Then, my friend Keegan, who just left on an awesome trip to Asia to help the orangutans and hope is having an awesome time, gave me some rad African pattern fabrics which I think would look amazing as cushions. Too many signals to skip the message!
So inspired by my friends from Mingo Lamberti and Pearly Yon whom just launched their Tea Cup Collection cushion range (really lovely designs that you must check out), here I am working on my 100% hand-made cushion project, hehe.
Hope they look nice once finished… Will show you very soon!!!

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