Shooting Stop F-R-A-M-E

One of the things I like doing besides designing in my computer, is shooting stuff… specially stop frame. Sometimes can take quite a long time, but I like it very much…. and sometimes I even get paid to do it; heheh
Last week we worked with Inka from IIIEIIIE motion on a project for Pam Golding, one of the biggest property and Real Estate company in South Africa. Our job was to make a business presentation (which normally can be quite boring showing lots of numbers and statistics) look FUN!!! How did we do it? Simple: by using lots of stop frame and giving it a more tactile and friendly look, instead of something cold and very corporate.
Here’re a few pics of one of the scenes we shot. Basically it represents a community and how it grows. We got some paper laser-cut and constructed a little town. I think that it looks awesome specially the shadows of the people and houses reflected on other objects. Once we finish editing the footage, will show you the final work.
Have a happy day!!!


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