Weddings and more weddings!!! Loving it…

What started  just like a once off project -designing the wedding stationary for one of my best friends-, might have just turned into something a lot bigger… I was contacted by Victoria from Evention, a company in Cape Town that does events coordination focusing mainly on wedding planning. They saw the designs I made for Amanda-Darren’s and Justine-Caleb’s weddings and said they loved them!!!
So I’m starting to help them with the stationary for some of their weddings. That makes me so happy!

I’m really excited to work in such awesome and special projects!

This is the digital Save the Date card I designed for Cedric and Kirsty.
They were looking for something very clean and simple but with elegance. I made this design typeface based and combined only 2 colors -champagne and dark olive green-. I hope you like it…

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