Home made Guiso

It’s cold, it’s rainy and this seems to make me soo hungry…
Last night I was inspired and made my first stew ever! I love cooking but for some reason never got to try to do a stew or guiso (in Spanish). I can do great lasagnas, delicious potatoe bake, and really tempting schnitzel or milanesas. But a stew?! For some reason never tried before…
So first, I googled many recipes to know what to use. They all suggested different steps and ingredients so kind of got an idea of what to do and just went for it.
I bought some ingredients but mainly used what I had at home…
. I put in a big pot some chopped onions with a bit of olive oil.
. When the onions went to a goldie transparent colour, added some bacon cut in cubes.
. On the side, in a small pot, heated some water and put some cubes of stock plus mixed herbs.
. Then added to the main cacerole, lentils and a can of mixed beans. I also included some potatoes and carrots cut in cubes and green beans. 
. Every few minutes I would add stock and not let it dry.
. I cooked for about 10 minutes and finally added some cus-cus in replacement of rice that I didn’t have at home. This was definitely the best thing  I could do. It gave the stew the perfect taste and texture.
. Once all the vegetables were soft and the mix had a nice consistency (30 minutes), I dished up and sparkled some fresh coriander to give it more color and flavor.
. On the side, fresh farm bread and ready to go…
Stew for winter days!!! Very easy, no measure cup needed, no specifications… just mix and experiment, put a bit of love and somehow you can create amazing meals… ♥ ♥ ♥ 

 I paired the stew with a Long Neck, Pinotage, vintage 2006 wine… A South African classic.
And for dessert my own version of the pavlova: in between the merengue and the whipped cream,  included a layer of creamy dark chocolate. My boyfriend stoked!!!

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