Loeries Awards

I’ve realized that all I’ve been posting is mainly graphic design work I’ve done but that’s not all I like doing: I love doing motion graphics too. Here’s a little preview video of the work we did with Inka and Noel from IIIEIIIE for the South African Loerie-Awards ceremony night last year.
I was in charge of all the content material and the girls edited it beautifully for the ceremony night. Almost everything was handmade with papers, wood blocks and all sort of materials. We shot most of it in stop frame and combined that with illustrations and post in After Effects.
This is just a preview video I edited with some of the content for the ceremony night. The song I used to edit it is Animal from Miike Snow. Decided to use it because I listened to this album once and over again during those long nights cutting, illustrating and shooting everything for the presentation. I hope you like!!!