Blooming September Spring

Welcome Spring!!!

Yes, September has finally arrived… Just knowing that from now on the days are gonna get warmer and longer with light until late in the evenings, the flowers will start blooming and that we are really close to summer, brings me an instant smile.

Together with that, normally comes my Spring To Do List. At the beginning of each month I write a list of tasks or things that I would like to achieve in the next 4 weeks. It doesn’t mean that I always succeed in completing them but at least it gives me a direction. Generally in September I would try to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in very long time, go shopping for a new wardrobe, promise to cut down on chocolate or exercise more, in order to fit into my little bikini; or simply save harder so I can enjoy a nice summer break.

I sat down this morning thinking about my list for this month and couldn’t really think of much. I’m so happy right now with how things are going in my life that there’s nothing new, big or worth writing down… And that is when I remembered….

I just finished reading a book by Cheryl Jarvis called “The Necklace”. Is basically the real story of 13 women from Ventura, California who decided to buy an expensive diamond necklace together and bring happiness to others. The book is not amazing but the story is definitely inspiring. These women transformed a symbol of privilege into an experiment in humanity and in so doing, they rewrote the concept of desire.

So my task for September is simple: Share more! Share things that make me happy, and make others happy too; help others that need it, and make them smile… 

So what’s your Spring To Do List?
Ownership is overrated. We should elevate sharing. Wealth is individual; sharing is collective. 
We are not what we own, we are what we do, who we help, and the difference we make in the world.
Sometimes we are narrow in the concept of sharing. 
We think that by sharing we are giving up something, that we get less. 
But the more you share, the more profound the experience becomes. 
By sharing, we get so much more. If we share, there’s enough on the planet for everyone…
Happy Spring to everyone!!!

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