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Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a beautiful week so far…
Today I want to share with you one of my biggest hobbies: jewellery design and manufacturing.
I’ve realized that I’ve been posting a lot about the wedding stationary I love creating and some other graphic and craft stuff that I also like making but nothing about jewellery.

Since I moved to South Africa almost 4 years ago that I’ve been enjoying and spending long hours sitting on a bench cutting, molding, soldering, polishing and finishing tiny little jewellery pieces made mainly of sterling silver but also other metals like gold or materials like wood, resin and perspex.
I had always considered this a hobby and even though, many of my friends keep on encouraging me to start selling them, I’ve been a bit reluctant to do so. I’ve  designed many custom-made to order pieces like the wedding bands for Amanda and Darren, rings for Niki, Michelle, Marc, Raelene, earrings for Gil, Paula, Justine and many more… but nothing to really keep in stock available for someone that for instant wanted to give a special birthday present…

So after many requests, here is a little preview of my new Jewellery Collection: “Pearly Heart”. I wanted to create a line of fine affordable jewellery that could be worn any time of the day, keeping a very fresh design… This line is very feminine, romantic and with a vintage flair. The necklace, earings and bracelet on the picture are made of 925 Sterling Silver and Pink Shell Pearls.

I love hearts, pink and I’m starting to love pearls. Might be from everything I’ve learnt lately about them or simply because they remind me of my granny who I love so much… I hope you also like this collection. And please note that only a limited quantity of pieces will be available so as soon as they go out for sale, if you like them,  I’ll let you know…
Stay tune and have a wonderful day.

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