My little notebook…

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing really well!
Yes, I know it’s been a few days since I last wrote; it’s not that I’ve been on holiday but working hard in new awesome little projects. Soon you’ll see some of the new wedding invites I’ve been working on but today I want to show you the new Little Notebook Set, Mocho Loco has designed and started making.
Each little notebook has been lovingly handmade using 100% recycled paper (40% post-consumer and 60% pre-consumer waste recycled paper) that does not go through de-inking processes and it is acid free.
The notebooks come in a set of 3, each with a different colour tone (green, pink and blue) and cover quote: “this is my little notebook full of dreams”, “this is my little notebook full of inspiration” and “this is my little notebook full of memories”. Each notebook set comes packaged with a lovely fabric bag also handmade by Mocho Loco and each blank sheet is waiting to be filled with amazing stories, beautiful sketches, inspiring quotes, funny memories, and happy dreams. I hope you also like them…

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