Photo Booth Props

We are finishing October and the wedding season is starting…
Venue booked, invites are out, brides trying on dresses,  and time to start planning the partyitself. Besides a good DJ, delicious food and plenty of drinks, we shouldn’t forget about entertainment. And at the moment the photo booth is the favorite of many couples. It’s a simple concept and works like a charm… everyone loves the photo booth. The newlyweds can fill their photo album with goodie ones and the guests take some pics as souvenirs home.
But the pics are not only about the funny faces, but also funky backgrounds and very important: the accessories (hats, masks, wigs, etc)… Here are some props I made for a wedding coming on Saturday…. Different shaped mustaches and stylish glasses… I hope you also like !
Special thanks Mr. Panda for modeling the different designs 🙂