Sol and Luis Illustrated Invites

First of all I would like to apologize for not writing in almost a month 🙁
It’s not that I’ve been on holiday for this long, hehe… Yes, I did go to Argentina, visited my family and friends and had a great time.. plus I got engaged!!!! yeayyyy (Sorry: will leave that for another post)…
But anyway, since I returned back to Cape Town, I’ve been super-super-busy on some great and amazing projects (can’t wait to tell you more about them)… But this afternoon took a little break to post this beautiful invitation I designed for one of my best’s friends: Sol.
Last year December she married Luis in Uruguay.By the way, we all love Luis, he is the coolest dude and couldn’t be more suitable for Sol than him! They really had one of the most amazing weddings! Soon I’ll show you some pictures of their special day but in the meantime…
These are the invites I designed for them.
Their wedding took place on the beach, therefore they wanted their invites to look rustic, informal and playful.  They also asked if I could include some illustrations… I couldn’t say no.
The suit included customized envelopes, formal invites, map and directions for venue and a little card with details.
Thanks Vale (from Printing Co) for printing the invites in Argentina: that was great team work!
I hope you like…