Mark and Jes Clean and Creative Invites

Mark and Jes dated for about 8 year before taking the next step. They are a great couple and they are definitely  meant to be together. He is an architect and she is an accountant. You can tell they like structure and order but at the same time they are really creative people. 

They got married mids of January in a little town in Western Cape called Arniston. Jes has been going there with her family on holidays since she was a little girl so this place has a real special meaning for her.

They asked me to make their invitations; they were looking for something clean, simple but edgy at the same time. I think this is spot on!

The color palette they used for the wedding was mainly green and white; for the invites, I decided to also include a little bit of grey. To play with design, we all worked together to decide on the final shape of the invitation. After many tests we decided to make invite and envelope all in one. Basically the envelope which is sealed with a sticker with the couple’s monogram, opens to be the invitation itself. A die cut of the couple silhouette pops up on the top of the card and the information and details are distributed through-out the inside of the envelope.

To finish this design and make the invite a bit more interactive, a little note with a magnet was included. Guests were encourage to stick the magnet on any part of the invitation and transform it into a fridge magnet. Cool, don’t you think?

If you like this invite, wait until you see their stationery… Stay tuned for pictures of their wedding coming soon.