Jes and Mark’s Summer Wedding

It’s Friday and that makes me very happy: yeayyy!!! And to celebrate here are some pictures from Jes and Mark’s wedding in Arniston. This must have been one of the best weddings ever, ever! 

On Friday we all drove the 3 hours to Arniston, a little fishing village up the East Coast and filled up the only hotel for the weekend. On Saturday morning we got to enjoy the beach and swim in the beautiful warm water, had lunch and ready for the wedding 🙂

The ceremony was held in a beautiful old chapel a few blocks from the hotel so no cars were needed, so everyone just walked, including Mark and Jes. The reception was at the Arniston hotel where we were all staying. The party was incredible and we finished the night in the POOL! Yes of course: bride and groom as well.

Enjoy the amazing pictures that Travis and Marike from  We love pictures took on the day