Claire and Tyron’s Winter Invitations

Who said you must get married in summer? Yes, it’s true: is warm, you can show a nice tan and you are most likely to get a sunny day for your wedding. But there’s really no rule on when you should get married so Claire and Tyron decided they will have a winter wedding and make the best out of it. And honestly the more I think about it, the more I like the idea: beautiful yellows, intense bordeaux and warm browns in the trees, soft light and a bride with a beautiful furry coat: I’m in!
Claire and Tyron are a young and hip couple and I got the pleasure to work with them 🙂 For their wedding invite they wanted something romantic and timeless. The colour palette we work with was elegant brown, light cream and soft green. The suit consisted of 3 different sizes cards tied together with a beautiful warm-cream-heart-shapped lace and this was all packed in an envelope with the guests details printed on.
I hope you like!