Suede and Rose Gold Bracelets

How many people wore jewellery in gold 2 year ago? For some reason we were all into silver and gold seemed to have taken a step back (maybe because of price) but thanksfully gold is back into fashion! I love gold, specially rose gold (like the beautiful engagement ring my fiance got for me a few months ago) and I’m glad people are now starting to appreciate this color a lot more…

So now that I’m all about gold colors, I wanted to work on some jewellery pieces… these bracelets are the first collection I’ve specially made for this coming colorful summer…. I hope you like them! 
The suede and plated rose gold details bracelets have been lovingly handmade by Mocho Loco and they come in many colors. I’m selling them in packs of 3 at R120. So if you like them and would like to order some or inquire more, you can email me to
Wishing you a happy and colorful day!!!!