Dean’s Surprise 30’s Birthday

Our friend Dean, (my fiance’s best friend) turned 30 this year and his girlfriend Hanna organized a terrific surprise party  for him. And that is not all she organized… Instead of each family member and friend buying a small gift for the birthday boy, she asked everyone to contribute some cash towards a special present for Dean: a trip to Senegal!!!
Dean loves traveling for fun and for work, he literally travels all the time, at least 2 times a month to a different country and continent… but the one place he has never been to and really dreams of going is Senegal.  So now that he turned 30 he will finally get to go there.
Hanna, asked me if I could help her designing a little card for Dean to everyone sign on it… Of course I said yes and took the idea of the card a little bit further… Here Dean 30’s Birthday Suitcase card!
Continuing with the travel theme and using an old suitcase that belonged to Dean’s grand-father, I made this unusual card including:
– Suitcase with stickers of some of the countries Dean visited
– “Dean’s World Map”. An infographic style life summary and a world map signed by all his friends and family.
– A travel diary
– Some of his everyday clothes
– Pictures and notes from friends in Polaroid style
– Hand written letter by her parents and another one from his girlfriend
– Flight ticket – voucher valid for a trip to by all his friends and family
– A sticker with the flag so once he visits the country he can stick it onto the suitcase

Oh, did I forget to tell you that he didn’t know about what was the gift about until he saw the flight ticker voucher “valid for a trip to from your friends and family”?. Dean doesn’t like showing much emotion but he couldn’t stop crying of happiness when he opened the suitcase…

A week later after his birthday, he proposed to Hanna. They are planning in getting married in 2015 but she has already started planning and booked the venue….