Week #2: My Photography Project – Proteas at home

This is the second week of my Photographic project and I’ve been practicing quite a bit with different objects at home. But what I have chosen for this week’s post is Proteas and flowers at home.
I love Proteas, they have become my favourite flower, so during this time of the year when they are in bloom, I buy every 2 weeks a bunch for home – these ones Arri got for me.
I shot these in Program mode as I’m still not confident with Manual but learning little by little. I think some of the pics are nice but they could be better, like focus, depth of feel and lines in the composition could be improved. But saying that, I’m very proud with my second entry.
I have also been researching and trying to understand more about shutter speed and aperture and realized that the lense I’m using has quite a small aperture 3.6/ 5.6. Well, I don’t know if that’s small but I was just finding it difficult to shot with little light (this week rained everyday except for yesterday and today). Or is just an excuse to buy a new lense?… hehe… Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to post some shot in Manual if they don’t come all blurred… Happy weekend everyone!