Pumeza and Mandisi’s Wedding Blog

Wedding Sites and blogs are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to printing wedding invitations. In one hand because it’s more cost effective as you don’t have to spend extra on paper and printing and in the other one, because people are more conscious about our planet and how the use of paper (if it’s not recycle/recyclable) affects it.

The wedding blog is a great option for couple’s that have family and friends overseas. Sometimes the post can take quite long time to deliver the invites – I’ve heard of stories where invitations have arrived to the guests days after the wedding day-. It’s also great when the couple wants to include more information than just the formal part of the invite, like their love story, directions and map, accommodation facilities or a gallery with their favorite images. And besides that, it does not only allow the guests to RSVP online and the couple keep track of this, it also allows for some interaction through shared comments building up to the big day!
Here are some screenshots of the blog I created for Pumeza and Mandisi. I had a lot of fun working on it and it seems that their guests totally loved it (according to the stats, the site had over 2000 views in just one month, hehe). The blog included a home-landing page, P&M’s love story in infographic style, RSVP page, Bridal Party page, Photo Gallery with family and friends and a space for guests to leave comments and wishes to the bride and groom.