Gina and Wentzel’s Italian Vineyard Inspired Invites

Gina and Wentzel got married in March this year and had a beautiful Italian Country Inspired Wedding.
For their invitations they asked for something clean and elegant but at the same time, natural and with a rustic feel to it. And even though they might seem as opposites (elegant and rustic), we managed to achieve this interesting mix of contrasts!

The colors we used were wine dark red, wood styled brown and white. The combination of a delicate pattern, textured paper and the cursive elegant typeface, gave this suite the perfect warm feeling the couple was looking for.
The names printed on the front of the envelope, that then would unfold to present the formal invitation and a black and white polaroid styled picture of the bridal couple, just finished off this invitation.
I hope you also like! Wishing you a Happy Weekend!