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For me, wedding invitations are a great part of a wedding: is the one thing you can work on way before your wedding day and when you send the invitations out, it’s a sign that “this is really happening”.

I’ve seen it in many brides: that look when opening a wedding invitation and realizing that it’s yours and your husbands to be names that are written there: wow! It really is magical…. From that moment on, you start feeling and experiencing a taste of what the big day is all going to be about.

I’ve been designing wedding invitations for many couples that have got married in the last few years but the invitation I am sharing with you today is a special one: this is our wedding invite!

I must admit, one of the things that I was most excited about the whole wedding preparation, was the idea of designing our very own wedding invitations. I’ve spent quite some time helping other people getting beautiful invites for their weddings and I always wondered how ours was going to look like. You might think that it was an easy job, but not at all; I think that it was the most difficult design I’ve ever worked on because there are so many things I like and playing the role of  both bride/client and designer, wasn’t easy, hehe.
We wanted to do something special for our invites, and even though I love keeping wedding invitations in my “keepers box” where I collect all sort of beautiful papers, I’m aware that most of the people throw away the wedding invites after a while. That’s why I wanted to do something that our guests could use and something so precious that if the smallest idea of throwing it away crossed their minds, they would feel really guilty, heheh.
Our wedding invitation consisted in a box with a few goodies inside:  3 cards screen printed in 2 colors on craft paper, a little tag and map to the venue and a tote bag to carry around everywhere! Of course, there was an English and a Spanish version for our guests.
The colors we used where sea turquoise and bright coral combined with white. The theme was “Take me to the Seaside” and the mood was happy and energy-sizing with a friendly and approachable tone. Of course we played with fonts and incorporated some fun illustrations and nautical icons.
I hope you like it as much as I do!
Thank you Maree from Natural Light Photography for helping me with the photos for the post.

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