Our Wedding Décor

This was the most fun part of all the wedding preparations as we did all the décor ourselves. I started about 10 month before the wedding making story boards, checking for references, mainly on Pinterest, and doing plans layout of ceremony, cocktail and main reception area. And little by little filling up boxes with all the “stuff” I’ve done. Seriusly, If I had left this to the end, we wouldn’t have made it on time.
The concept for our wedding was simple: we wanted to celebrate, we wanted a party! So we focused everything around the dancing… Our wedding was all about having fun and being happy combining both South African and Argentinean’s traditions.
Regarding colors, we love color in general, so the wedding was a carnival of color. The main colors where coral and turquoise but we included some pastel ones for the beach part and then for the reception we brought in brighter colors.
I think that sometimes people under estimate DIY but for me it was one of the best parts of our wedding. When I was standing on the dance floor and saw all the things we’ve done ourselves I thought, “This is just the start of what we can achieve together”.
Here are some pics by Maree Louw from Natural Light photography, of the general décor of our wedding day: I hope you like…

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