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My new website is alive!!! Or was I meant to say live? Either way, it’s on the cloud and ready to get visited…

I’ve been thinking on redoing my website for a while but finally this last quarter of the year I got around to work on it and now Mocho Loco is about to start 2015 with a brand new site.

My previous website was launched about 3 years ago and for a long time I was super happy with it. But I guess that after getting more experienced in web design and getting more consolidated with my design style, I just felt that the old site wasn’t good enough and mainly did not longer represent my brand, Mocho Loco.

The new site is clean and simple, featuring big and bold photographs and the main focus is my portfolio and the blog, which I really want to slowly grow.

I did not only change the design and look and feel of the site but also added a few neat add-ons such as the images that display my feature work and latest blog posts. The portfolio also had a big upgrade and now all my work is consolidated on one page with an easy-to-use side menu. And the section I’m most excited about is the blog, with its completely new flow and functionalities.

A big thank you to my awesome copywriter, Jana, and great web developer, Zack, for all your hard work. Of course I can’t thank my husband enough for putting up with me as this is all I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks.

Please take a look at the new and let me know what you think – would love to hear your comments and feedback. Make sure to check my facebook page too!

Mocho Loco_Website Screenshots



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