Valentine’s Special: Alex and Sheri’s save the date

Can you guys believe we are 2 days from Valentine’s day? Is it possible that we are already halfway February? I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that this year has started full speed or as we would say in Spanish, “con todo”.

I love February, not only because of being the month of love but also my birthday month. Perhaps since I turned 30 I don’t get that excited about getting older but I still love my birthday and feeling special for one day… but that’s only next week so let’s not get ahead of the game.

For all of you endless romantics, I hope you like this little video we made: an animated save the date for Alex and Sheri. These two dated for over 7 years before he decided to propose! In the time they ahve spent together, they attended 30 weddings, Alex caught 3 garters and Sheri 10 bouquets! So finally after a looong and amazing dating period, they will seal their love and wed this coming March.
Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s; I hope this weekend is filled with love and smiles!


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