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I started my blog in 2010 as a place to simply share my work and crafts. This used to be my portfolio (before I had a full website), and a place where I could keep my family up to date with my work-life. The blog today hasn’t changed much but I have started little by little to share a bit more than that.

In these last few weeks two things have happened that touched me and pushed me to write this special post.

On one side I started to feel more inspired to write. I’ve always liked writing and I feel I don’t do it enough as I used to. Perhaps because my day now is 100% English spoken and I struggle to find the right words to express myself in this language. It could also simply be because most of my creativity is shown in the form of illustrations and graphics but lately I’ve been having this necessity to put my thoughts into words.

The second thing that happened is that two people that I don’t know (Leslie from South Africa and Marilyn all the way from UK) contacted me and sent me such inspiring and encouraging messages saying that they love Mocho Loco. It felt so rewarding and made me so happy to know that some people out there look at what I do and like it. But most importantly, what really touched me is that they not only took the time to write to me but also it seemed that they could see beyond the brand and see me: Vicky.

I have this huge struggle between my brand Mocho Loco versus me as a persona. How much should I share of my personal life here? How much should I share about my opinions and thoughts? How much of Mocho Loco should be Vicky Alvarez Campos? But receiving these messages and thinking that these two girls could see beyond “Mocho Loco” and reach me, made me realize that Mocho Loco and Vicky is one and one can’t be without the other no matter how hard I try to keep them separate…

As we learn about ourselves, we grow and in my case as I grow, so does Mocho Loco. So I have decided to from now on, not only do posts on my work but also start sharing a mix of all things that define me and inspire me. I have an opinion and I want to share it.

I’m sure you will find many grammar mistakes throughout my blog but I hope that you are able to see beyond my poor English!

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