Thoughts on Social Media

thoughts on social media

I must admit I am a social media addict! I went through a Pinterest obsession period and lately it’s been all about Instagram. I love this visual stimulation empowering platform, there’s so much inspiration and many amazing creatives, designers and photographers that post beautiful images. I have my personal instagram account and little business one but most of the time I spent there is looking at what other people are doing. Sometimes I find it really inspiring but most of the time it just makes me feel that I’m not good enough or think how are these people able to do so much stuff? I can barely keep up with life, work and make time for a blog post or snapping a pic but then these people are able to showcase amazing work; they are constantly doing DIYs and they can even pose on heels and make up and do their own lookbooks. Wow!

I’m aware that some people have become “brands” and there’s a whole team behind the person but there are some other cases where the “real person” is actually doing everything; the person that is on the pictures, the one that does the work and that even replies to all the fans messages. How do they do this?

After giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that they actually don’t use Instagram, heheh! Maybe they don’t spend any time looking at others accounts and literally all they do is log in only for posting their photos, replying to any comments, questions awaiting for them and after that, they just put their phones aside and carry on with life.

So I decided to do a test: not use Instagram for a whole week! This might sound silly but it’s not when you are used to checking it from 3 o 7 times a day and spending so much time on it. The first days were hard and I found myself grabbing the phone and ready to open it but pushed myself to stop; the fomo was kicking in! But then I started to get conscious about how much time I spend on it… Every spare moment I usually have goes to Instagram and once you are in there, time just flies… So after that I started to think and find other things to do to fill in that time that normally is spent scrolling down the little screen. This is what happened:

1. I got bored. How important it is to get bored in life and being able to appreciate the little things? Sometimes I feel that the day is so short and don’t even have time to do all the things I would like to but when you find a few moments getting bored, suddenly the day starts to feel much longer. Maybe it’s not that time is going faster as we grow, maybe it’s just that we are wasting it.

2. I realized I was present. The most important of all things: being able to be present. My therapist always makes emphasis on the importance of being present. Feeling your body, seeing and smelling what is surrounding you. I think that once you are conscious about this, you are instantly embraced with a warm feeling of joy and happiness.

3. I started to think… and create. Thinking? Yes, so obvious as that but our brain has this capacity and necessity of constant work so once the feeling of boredom kicks in and you get conscious about it then you instantly start thinking, planning and dreaming. And the most important thing is that all those ideas coming to your mind are not created after looking at what someone else is doing, but completely and solidly from your own mind. Nothing more rewarding than that feeling of being able to create!

So that was my one-week exercise! Now I have gone back to using Instagram but committed to drastically slow down on my social media consumption so I will only open the application when I have something to say or post. If you are reading this post, I would recommend you doing this exercise for just a week and see how you feel: you’ll be surprised of how many good things happen! Good Luck!

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