Calentita 2016


For the fourth consecutive year, we designed the poster for Gibraltar’s food festival. Calentita is the “national dish” of Gibraltar and Calentita, the food festival, celebrates all of the above – both historic culture and food influences.

For this opportunity, the organisers wanted to focus on the architecture of Gibraltar, most specifically in the upper and old town buildings which have been refurnished in the last few months. This year is the 10th edition of this festival so instead of just illustrating the poster, we decided to do something a bit more special…

The creative concept for this year’s poster was to make a three dimensional design crafted out of only paper. For that, we created a flat architectural model featuring some of the most iconic buildings of Gibraltar.

We started the process by sketching the different buildings and then tested layout options.  Once we were happy with the poster structure, we did a digital mock up and set up each element ready to be laser cut. The fun and tricky part of the process was actually crafting the paper model and layering each piece. It was very important to create a nice sense of depth and shadows, which would add to the 3D element of the final design… After photographing the final paper model the last stage was done in postproduction where we included some colour touch-ups and final details.

Calentita_Making of video image

Watch the full making of video of the poster here.

You can also see the designs of the posters we created for previous years here, here and here. And if you are in Gibraltar next weekend, you better not miss out on the Calentita Food Festival, it’s going to be amazing!

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